1. This competition is open to all male or female students who are certified by their principal as being enrolled in a full-time program in the year of the competition. They must be in regular attendance, making satisfactory academic progress and meet all OFSAA eligibility requirements.

  2. Subsequent to the above ruling, the student must be in full-time attendance at the time of Competition --for example, a student may have been eligible to compete in the Zone playdowns yet, because the student is no longer in full-time attendance at the participating school when the Regional playdown is held, the student is no longer considered eligible to play. For semestered schools, the last day of Semester 1 (not including weekends) shall be used in determining eligibility for Regional playdowns.

  3. The event does not accept Co-ed Entries -- competitions are only for Boys’ Teams or Girls’ Teams. Gender identity is measured by a student's self-identification.

  4. Schools may enter more than one team. Each secondary school team shall consist of curlers from one (1) school only. Each school is entitled to enter and shall play in the Zone area as designated by the Ontario School Curling Committee (OSCC). The Zone areas are similar to those of the former Zones of the Ontario Curling Association (OCA). Click HERE FOR A ZONE MAP. Note: Zone 1 includes all schools in the Upper Canada Area excluding schools in Carleton Place and Almonte. Zone 2 includes all schools in the City of Ottawa East of Hwy 416. Zone 3 includes all schools in Renfrew County, Almonte, Carleton Place, West Carleton, Kanata, Bells Corners, Richmond and Stittsville.

  5. The team must be accompanied throughout the competition by a member of the school staff or an adult designated by the principal of the school. The coach need not have the same level of certification as required in other OCA competitions nor do players need to sign waivers.


  1. Teams entering this competition shall meet in a zone playdown which, dependent upon the number of teams entering, shall be double knock-out with the "A" and "B" winners advancing.

  2. The thirty-two (32) winners of the zone playdowns shall meet in four (4) Regional playdowns which shall be of a double knock-out format. Each region shall declare two (2) winners and the eight (8) winners shall then proceed to the Provincial finals where a two (2) pool event shall take place.

  3. There are two (2) event winners with the SchoolGirl winner receiving the Championship Bowl and the Ontario School Curling SchoolGirls banner with the second event winner receiving the Schoolgirls Crystal. For the SchoolBoys, the winner receives the Championship Trophy and Ontario School Curling SchoolBoy banner while the second event winner receives the Schoolboy Shield.

  4. Teams must have at least 3 of the original players in order to advance to the next level of competition. In instances where a school fields more than one team and one of the teams is knocked out of the competition early, no player from the knocked out team shall substitute in for any team still in contention during the same level of competition.

  5. Teams may use alternates at the Zone and Regional playdowns provided they meet the player eligibility rules outlined above. One alternate per team is permitted. If a team uses an alternate, then that player becomes eligible as one of the three 'original players' advancing to the next level. The alternate shall only be declared (written into the team registration list) upon entering play.

  6. Teams may only take four team members to the Provincial finals. No alternates are allowed at the Provincial finals. Teams must choose from a pool of curlers, provided by the Host Club at the Provincial finals, if they need a substitute.

  7. Should the team qualify for the Provincials, the team must accept the billets provided. The entire team will be billetted in the same home. If the team does not accept the billets, then they will forfeit their right to participate at Provincials, and a replacement team will be chosen to take their place. Billeting is a unique aspect of the event and all billets have had the necessary police checks done (including vulnerability sector check). School officials may request a copy of the Vulnerability Sector check performed on the host billets. Billet contact information will also be provided if requested.


  1. Coaches should be reminded that they are responsible for the on & off ice behaviour of their teams. Inappropriate behaviour will not be tolerated at any time during competition. (e.g. – slamming brushes in anger, willful damage to facilities, offensive &/or disrespectful language, and perceived slow play)

  2. In the event of inappropriate behaviour during competition, the umpire &/or coaches shall stop the game immediately & call a “Fair Play” Time-Out. On 1st offense, a warning shall be given by the umpire who shall then discuss the impact & possible consequences of inappropriate behaviour on the player & team. On 2nd offense the player will be sent to the bench for the remainder of the game, but is allowed to start the next game. On 3rd offense the player is removed from the competition and may face further playing sanctions.

  3. No electrical devices are allowed on ice – e.g. –cell phones, Ipods, Blackberries, etc. Tablets, however, may be used as a coaching tool during time-outs provided that sound is muted.

  4. At no time are hair brooms permitted on the ice. We do not mandate that players use the WCF approved brush heads. Players must, however, sweep with their own broom -- players will not be permitted to switch sweeping devices. Players must use the same broom head for the duration of the game unless permission is given by the umpire

  5. Team members should wear similar uniforms -- this is encouraged at the Provincial finals. At no time are competitors permitted to wear any kind of alcohol or tobacco advertising on their on-ice curling attire.

  6. The consumption or use of alcoholic beverages, banned drugs and anabolic drugs by any player at any time during a competition is strictly prohibited. At the zone, region and provincial levels, this rule shall extend from the entire first day to the entire final day of play. This rule shall be administered on a no tolerance basis.

  7. In the event of violation of the above rule, the offender will be suspended immediately for the balance of the competition and, depending on the circumstances of the violation may face such further suspension or disciplinary action as the Executive Committee of the Ontario Curling Association shall determine. The offender, shall have a right of appeal in accordance with procedures set forth under Disciplinary Measures as shown under Special Rules in the CCA Rules Handbook.

  8. Smoking by a player or coach anywhere in the curling facility at any time is strictly prohibited. Penalty: The official-in-charge may suspend the player or coach from the game in which the violation took place, any future games and/or the competition.

  9. Any occurrences such as #5 or #7 in this section shall be documented & forwarded to the OSCC Chair.


  1. No coach, parent or other individual shall instruct, direct or interfere in any game at any time.

  2. Each Schoolboy/Schoolgirl Team must be entered by their School coach/representative.

  3. Late entries will only be accepted, at the convener’s discretion, if there is room in their own zone.

  4. Withdrawn Teams -- Teams that withdraw within 7 days of the competition will not receive a refund.

  5. Adverse weather conditions will be dealt with if the situation arises, with the intention of acting in the best interests of the majority.

  6. The 5 Rock Free Guard Zone will be used.


    • Participating students and their coach agree to abide by such additional rules as may be deemed necessary by the OSCC or by the host committee of the Provincial finals. The team is participating as a representative of their school.

    • By entering the competition, each player thereby agrees to act in accordance with and be bound by the rules and policies of the OSCC, and where applicable, the Canadian Curling Association and, if the player wins the right to do so, to compete in successive levels of the competition except where prevented by unforeseen or unavoidable circumstances.